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The ATC Toy Hauler is built using the same manufacturing principals that helped our trailer division become an industry leader in quality and fit and finish.

Lean Manufacturing guides our dedication to continuous improvement. It’s the same philosophy that propelled Japanese auto makers to the forefront of the auto industry in the middle of the 20th century, and is what many American auto makers adopted to achieve their current levels of success.

The idea is simple but the execution takes years of practice - eliminate waste and develop a sharp focus on customer value.

Our focus on customer value has translated to a tightly built, reliable and lightweight aluminum toy hauler. An investment in an ATC Toy Hauler is a long term investment. It's an investment in family recreation for generations.

You'll be hauling motorcycles, ATV’s and 4 wheelers across America for decades, without concern. The floor and the ceiling are welded to the side walls, creating a fully integrated, lightweight aluminum frame. See what the ATC Toy Hauler is all about.



There are a number of key operations within our production of trailers that set us apart. These operations provide true and transparent value to you and enable us to provide industry-leading quality, at the same time delivering trailers on a schedule that our competitors cannot match.

ATC has been in continuous business for 16+ years and have become dynamic innovators in the trailer industry. Based on our design and production system, ATC is capable of building custom trailers with relative ease. When you order a custom trailer, ATC will not require a shutdown or reallocation of resources to meet your requirements in quality, price or schedule. As a result of ATC’s fluid production system, which is based on customer need, ATC can forecast with incredible accuracy, a completion date for your trailer, thus delivering dependable lead times that you can rely on. At ATC we deliver our trailers when we say we will! ATC continues to improve our way of doing business and our continuing growth is a measure we use to know if we're doing it right. ATC is a recent recipient of the 2013 Indiana Companies to Watch which was awarded as a result of our growth.


There are a number of key operations within our production of trailers that set us apart. These operations provide true and transparent value to you and enable us to provide industry-leading quality, at the same time delivering trailers on a schedule that our competitors cannot match.

At ATC we believe that one, sole company should be responsible for the product they produce. In today’s world of outsourcing everything from material production, to assembly and installation and even customer service, ATC builds virtually every aspect of the trailer in house. From selection and procurement of raw materials, to frame assembly; from interior and exterior cladding to plumbing and electrical system installation; from door fabrication and installation to custom cabinetry and millwork; every component is produced and assembled under one roof in our Indiana facility, made by hand in the USA.

On-Site Aluminum Cabinet shop – ATC employs an on-site aluminum cabinet shop which assembles and builds your custom cabinetry on aluminum framing with aluminum assemblies. Your counter tops and face material can be created using a variety of metal from aluminum to stainless steel. The aluminum cabinetry is perfect for utilitarian purposes where function trumps form, even though the aluminum cabinetry is just as appealing to the eye as the woodwork. You’ll enjoy the flexibility that is provided by these custom in-house shops, keeping our promise to you that we are solely responsible for the build and quality of your trailer.

Door Fabrication – The doors for your trailer are also produced in the same factory. You’ll see how building our own doors can save you on the lead time for customization and provide you with full quality control on design, assembly and sizing so that everything is just right before it’s installed.

Design and Engineering – ATC maintains a dedicated design and engineering staff. We utilize the latest in 3D CAD Software which analyzes the finite elements of each trailer, building and testing your trailer for every foreseeable structural impact before it ever hits the production floor. Not only does the design team put your trailer through its structural paces before building, they are also dedicated to creating solutions to even the most challenging design requirements. At ATC we strive to involve you through every stage of the design and build process. You are not just a customer but an integral team member in our projects.


ATC is a proud member of the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) and meets the RVIA code of standards for all living quarter, bath modules, and components built in our trailers.


Many industries today, do everything they can to incorporate cost cutting measures in production that lead to reduced sale prices. This often comes at the expense of quality and identifiable value to you. These same industries utilize age-old manufacturing processes that pass the cost of waste and overhead to you while reducing quality and value to keep prices competitive. ATC incorporates a simple approach to production that adds value and is ultimately sustainable from both a business perspective as well as from an environmental perspective.

ATC uses only the material required for a particular project. You will not find an over-abundance of surplus inventory on-site, thereby reducing overhead costs that would inevitably be built into a price structure. Our quality control measures reduce the amount of mistakes made in production thereby reducing material waste and the costly labor to fix them. Our system of material handling and placement on the production floor ensures that your workers’ time is spent building your trailer and not searching for material, tools and fixing errors. By fabricating and building components on site, we eliminate the overhead costs that come from outsourcing. Every hour spent and piece of material used is transparent and reflected in the pricing you are quoted. What you see is what you pay for. We may not be the cheapest trailer you will find, but our prices do not hide anything from you. Because the costs are transparent and easily tracked, our quoting system can be customized to provide you with a trailer that both meets your needs and your budget.

ATC is not owned by a corporate conglomerate. Eight owners of ATC are involved in and manage every aspect of the company. They are passionate about providing the care and quality that make our trailers unique. It has been stated that the Owners of ATC “breathe the welding smoke.” Each owner contributes to the company in almost every phase of the business by doubling their duties as both Owner and CEO, CFO, Production Manager, Engineering Manager, Sales Managers and Service Manager. When a client chooses ATC, they can be confident that the owners of the company are integrally involved in the design, sales, production and the warranty and service support of their specific trailer. This important fact, keeps the company at the cutting edge of the trailer industry by having Owners keenly aware of the changing tastes and styles while being able to implement changes to meet the needs of a demanding consumer quickly. They are driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection and providing products our customers want and need.


As with all successful business, ATC continues to succeed based on its reputation. ATC has worked tirelessly to go above and beyond what is typically required of a manufacturer, however, for ATC, it’s simply the only way we know how to do business. Our Service and Warranty department is unequalled in its dedication to customer satisfaction. ATC stands behind our products 100%, even long after a sale transaction has been completed. This drive for complete customer satisfaction informs the way we build and service all of our trailers. Our service team is led by a co-Owner of ATC. This offers direct and immediate decision making on any request that is proposed. When you call, you’ll speak with the knowledgeable and skilled craftsmen who actually perform the work.


ATC has a partnered with some of the top dealerships in the United States, Canada and abroad. As demand for our products grows, the requests for dealership relationships have increased dramatically. ATC is selective in managing our dealerships partners to ensure that the highest customer service standards are also represented at the dealership level. Our dealers are your portal to our trailers. You can think of our dealers as partners who are driven by the same goal to provide you with excellent customer service and recommend an ATC trailer tailored to fit your needs. We have equipped our dealers with top-of-the-line software and product materials in order to provide you with quick and easy quotes and information on the trailers we make. Like ATC, our dealers are passionate about ATC Trailers and want you to be too.


ATC has produced trailers for customers in all consumer and industrial markets, including a number of Fortune 500 companies, racing teams and other diverse clientele. Customers who’ve purchased ATC trailers include:

  • Sunoco Racing Fuel
  • Oakley Sunglasses
  • Nissan
  • Ford Motor Group
  • Microsoft
  • Nabors Industries, LTD
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Jimmy Johnson
  • Bobby Labonte
  • E & J Gallow Wineries
  • Verizon
  • Farm Bureau Insurance
  • Applied Global Technoloies
  • Redbull
  • Golf Channel
  • Ferrara Fire Apparatus
  • Time/Warner
  • John Deere
  • Penske
  • Jack Roush


At ATC we pledge to provide you with platinum level service, experience and knowledge gained through years in the industry, delivery when we say we’ll deliver, top-of-the-line craftsmanship, a trailer that meets or exceeds all safety requirements, aluminum or steel custom trailers to fit your budget, trailer service that exceeds anything you’ll find in the market today, and integrity and enthusiasm from a team of owners and employees who are as passionate about trailers as they are of making you a part of our family.

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