ATC Toy Hauler Makes Strong Claim for Aluminum Over Steel & Wood

ATC Toy Hauler, an Indiana-based manufacturer of highly configurable aluminum toy haulers, is making a strong case for customers to invest more for the long term benefits of an all-aluminum trailer.

“The industry is flooded with cookie cutter steel and wood trailers, wrapped in a pretty façade,” said Ian Kettering, Product Manager of ATC Toy Hauler. “Our customers work hard during the week, and we feel strongly that their trailer should provide them reliable recreation on the weekend.”

ATC Toy Hauler recently produced a video making that claim (video embedded on webpage).

“We are fighting an established industry of low cost toy haulers,” said Kettering. “How do we convince customers to invest more? It’s difficult to spend hard earned money, I think we can all relate to that. But is that money on the customer’s mind 5 years down the road? It’s not if their product is in great condition. But, it is if they’re staring at rot or rust.”

“We are building a trailer that can be passed onto kids and grandkids. We are building a trailer that keeps a high value, years down the road, if an owner ever wants to sell. We think customers will understand that. That’s why we chose to build a quality product,” said Kettering.

ATC Toy Hauler Unveils New Model able to Haul Four Seater Side by Side

ATC Toy Hauler, an Indiana-based manufacturer of highly configurable aluminum toy haulers, has unveiled a front bedroom model with the capacity to haul a 4 seater side by side.

ATC engineered a fully loaded 28’ footer (with a bedroom, kitchenette and full bath) to be half-ton towable, despite its large quantity of features and its robust aluminum frame.

ATC product developers set a goal to make a full product line half-ton towable, opening themselves to the majority of the toy hauler market, which is made up of many sand sport and trail riding enthusiasts, a group of people who revel in the speed, power and off road capabilities of all terrain vehicles like the 4 seater side by side.

They achieved their weight goals by building an all-aluminum product, which is not only lightweight, but pound for pound stronger and more forgiving than a steel. Steel is the material used by the majority of the toy hauler industry.

“The benefits of aluminum are two-fold,” said Ian Kettering, product manager at ATC Toy Hauler. “It’s obviously lighter than steel, but it lasts much longer. It doesn’t rust or rot. We’ve built our product to last generations, and we’ve engineered the layout to accommodate a wide range of toys.”

ATC Toy Hauler is a business segment of ATC Trailers, an established car, cargo and custom trailer manufacturer that specializes in aluminum. ATC Trailers has lead the way in the recent growth in the aluminum trailer industry.